Oh,  Beautiful  America !

    America is blessed with countless scenic places -- west to east, and north to south -- which inspire, enrich and restore us.

     Every image in the Oh, Beautiful America portfolios has been selected to celebrate the diversity, beauty and grandeur of the American landscape. 

      For more than two decades I've drawn from National Parks, Monuments, and Wilderness Areas, state parks, public lands and seashores, and even local parks, lakes, creeks and farmlands.

ART for where you LIVE and WORK

     I photograph natural scenes with the intent of creating beautiful ART for your WALLS.     

   After more than twenty years discovering and exploring places all around the United States there are now hundreds of my images displayed around Colorado and a dozen other states, and even other countries.

   They're found in homes, offices, board and conference rooms, and commercial, medical, hospitality and professional practices and facilities.

     Sometimes the purchase decision comes from the desire to enrich a space where you spend time working or relaxing. Maybe you've changed the color scheme or rearranged the furnishings or function of a room and you need a new focal point .

   There have been instances of people finding a picture in one of my portfolios of a favorite place for their family and giving it a place of prominence in their dining room or family room.

    Some have been chosen for executive retirement gifts.  Realtors have presented them as house-warming gifts for buyers of premium homes.

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     Ivan Makarov wrote: “I do not photograph because I see. I see because I photograph.” That's how it's worked for me. My awareness at each place is greater when I am intent on identifying what I want to photograph and share.


    No matter where I go, whether I'm traveling across country, driving across town, or doing yard work around the house, I find myself watching for potential subjects and image compositions, whether I have a camera with me or not.

    I love what I do. I savor the surprises and constancy of nature. I am moved by the sights, sounds, scents and sensations of each special place.

      For nine years my gallery in Littleton and Centennial, Colorado was "home base." We sold several hundred framed pieces, about 500 large prints, a comparable number of smaller prints, and complemented it all with stylish and artistic gift and decor items.

    Denver visitors apparently liked our place, voting us top gallery in the city many times.  (See the AWARDS and HONORS section tab on this site for more details.)

    Now, my picture sales are done by phone, email, and referrals from this website. 

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    In a "previous life" I've worked with people in the performing arts as a vocalist, musician, actor, teacher, conductor and artistic director, drawing on two college degrees in music (SIU and DU).  When time allows I like to treat myself to a concert or theatre production in Denver, or while on a shooting and family visit trip out of town or out of state.

    I always plan my trips and do research but sometimes the best subject isn't even one I planned for.  When that happens, that's a gift.

    The promise of a stunning dawn motivates the long hike in the dark, or the same kind of walk, following a vivid sunset.  Add a touch of dramatic weather, and you have a chance for something magnificent.

    Art Wolfe succinctly explains what all nature and landscape photographers live for: "...the instance when circumstance, light and subject matter miraculously collide to form an iconic image." When this happens, it's a fabulous natural high!

   The scene to the right is from Northern California, taken while shooting the historic Battery Point Light House.

Untitled photo

    In 1998 I began using a 6x7 medium format film camera and six prime lenses for all my serious work. I valued its rugged simplicity and dependability.

     However, as the years passed, I also became more aware of the weight and size of my gear, and the technical versatility of digital capture.

   I enjoyed being seen as anachronistic so I continued with it because of the image quality the system could yield. I could produce excellent big prints – some 4’x 6’ or much larger – with wonderful clarity and rich tone. As you look through the image portfolios more than half the shots are from this gear.       

    But practicality, efficiency, convenience -- even cost -- won out.  In July, 2014, I converted to a full-frame digital camera and an array of lenses in my field pack.  The shots from this equipment are designated "nd" in the picture captions, meaning "Nikon digital."

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   This pair of Colorado landscape summer scenes (to the left) is in the main waiting area for the Rocky Mountain Ear Center, a practice located in Denver's Swedish Medical Center complex.

      Four other images are in their conference room, corridors and offices.

    Beautiful nature scenes are valued and displayed in all kinds of medical clinics.


    For a lot of home or business locations it's important to match the scale of the finished pictures with the size of the room or wall.    

    For example: Late in 2012 I installed a pair of landscape scenes at a commercial location which were 5’x 10’ and 5’x 12.' Awesome!

    Here's the 12-footer. We moved a couple of the cars away so you could see it fully.

    For this location the image was divided into three equal panels, so they could be handled safely for the times when the wall would be repainted.

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     When the Colorado Association of Realtors remodeled their Inverness Business Park (southeast Denver suburban location) headquarters building eight of my Colorado scenes were chosen to decorate the corridors and common area.

     Here are three different interior placements, shown below.

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

    A review of my sales records shows most of my work goes to residences, with the balance a mix of corporate and professional installations, health care suites, and commercial sites.

     These two framed pictures (below) are in the reception area waiting room, from Platte River Rehab Medicine, in North Platte, Nebraska.  Other scenes can be found in consulting and treatment areas, corridors, offices, and the conference room.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

    If you're looking for an image to bring drama or vivid color to a focal point wall in your home or place of work, I'd like to offer my services to consult with you on your options. I frequently will prepare a mock-up of a client's place and digitally insert a variety of pictures for you to review on your computer.

    While there's a good chance you'll find an ideal scene here in one of my portfolios, there is another option.  We can discuss adding it to my "to do" list for an up-coming trip.

    I deliver and install within the general Denver area. On occasion I've provided a delivery further away when it coincided with a shooting or personal trip.  I've crated and shipped pieces all over the country, as well. 

    In any case, I'll look forward to talking with you.

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